Bixler Residential Projects

Foyer Staircase
Great Falls, Virginia

The scope of work was a soft monochromatic scene, colors chosen from other areas in the foyer. Bixler Studios simulated the wainscoting with paint and detail to match the existing stair rail.

Bixler Studios painted a soft monochromatic scene of billowing stripe, fabric, columns and crown molding. The chair rail and wainscoting are also painted.

Painted Wood Doors

Inspired by the clients' black & gold frame, Bixler painted these double doors, which remind her of a Chanel jacket, in a McLean home. The arch over the door was added and Bixler Studios used a sandstone texture to surround the door.

Example of painted floors

Bixler can paint a floor to look like marble look or stone.

Custom Painted Bathroom

Client saw a photo from their travels and wanted it duplicated to the their bathroom walls. Painted ceiling of clouds with outdoor scenes on the walls.

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